Dr Julian Jamison

Senior Economist at The World Bank, USA

Julian C. Jamison is senior economist at the World Bank (GINI), as well as a research associate at Innovations for Poverty Action. His research papers have appeared in academic journals ranging across disciplines from economics to information technology to linguistics to medicine to mathematics to philosophy, as well as online at the renowned media including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Foreign Policy, Bloomberg, Forbes, Foreign Affairs.

Previous professional affiliations include Northwestern Kellogg, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in addition to teaching courses at Yale and Harvard. Julian holds BS and MS degrees in mathematics from Caltech and a PhD in economics from MIT. Travel for work and leisure has taken him to over 70 countries worldwide, including South Sudan, Moldova, Vanuatu, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, and Liberia.

Dr Taddy Blecher

Founder of Maharishi Institute, South Africa

Dr Taddy Blecher is Chairperson of the South African Government task team on Enabling Entrepreneurship for the Human Resource Development Council. He is the founderĀ of the Maharishi Institute and of the Invincible Education Group. He is known as a pioneer of the free tertiary education movement in South Africa, having helped to create six free access institutions of higher learning. He is co-founder of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship with Sir Richard Branson.

He holds two awards from World Economic Forum: Young Leader of Tomorrow and Young Global Leader. He is a recipient of $1 million prize for social entrepreneurship from the Skoll Foundation. In 2009, he was named by author Tom Peters as one of the top five most influential entrepreneurs in the world over the last 30 years.