Global Youth Community, a registered entity, envisions a planet where the youth leaders actively participate in addressing the pivotal issues of the world in order to ensure the thriving future of the young generation.


To designate a window of opportunities for the young people taking up challenges in resolving the pressing issues of the world

To bridge between the actors and the stakeholders for delivering the integrated actions on the youth issues in the world

To motivate the youth leaders of the world for smartly empowering the young people of the community in the world

Global Youth Community has been focusing on the issues of the young people around the world. Importance of issues is varied from country to country, from region to region. On the global perspective, the following issues are concerned by this community.

Education for Underprivileged

Healthcare for the young people

Empowering Girls with Equality

Young People in Refugee Crisis

Environmental Consciousness


Innovative Entrepreneurship

Participation in Civil Society


Information Technology

Intercultural Awareness


Job Opportunity

Volunteering in emergency


food and shelter